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Oct 2, 2012 8:00pm EDT
. she's at at the first city in seattle. i ask you to make sure we do is always at our state and that is to move forward. we move forward on the women's right to choice among going to go backwards. we move forward on respecting marriage equality in our state and i don't believe we should go backwards. we move forward on environmental protection. we should not go backwards. we have not committed us to move forward on health care reforms to begin in tax on all of us and how the system we have people who have insurance industry preventative care. we can move forward on educational reform or do some of the things that have been so successful here in the yakima valley where one in five kids are graduating. we know we can do better and i've got a plan to do that. i ask you to check it out at jay i asked for the honor of your vote. thank you for championing with you. >> moderator: thank you so much for what was the longest two minutes of my life earlier. thank you for your patience in thank you to the audience. that is all the time we have. i want to thank the associatio
Oct 4, 2012 8:00pm EDT
trenton, newark and jersey city? >> moderator: senator menendez, europe first. menendez: i'm proud of the areas we work in our state. the reality is that transit villages, the new transportation bill. i'm glad to see that with my leadership on mass transit, new jersey will receive, an additional $70 million more. that legislation is looking at saving and/or creating about 52,000 jobs. a lot of those transit villages and opportunities are right in urban areas, using advantage of our infrastructure. livable communities. my legislation in that regard but hope communities that are not only urban, but the more suburban, but nonetheless very close to urban areas would create greater development opportunity as well. and so, we are going to continue to work with these communities so that in fact they can realize the future of their citizens. >> moderator: senator kyrillos. kyrillos: as i go around the cities of new jersey, i am so sad to see the poverty, to see the unemployment, to see that things haven't gotten better, that our national economy is such that it's even worse in the cities o
Oct 30, 2012 8:00pm EDT
, of course, to the first two -- and then the revival of our cities with detroit as case study number one. we are very proud to be in detroit because we see it as a great city that has incredible potential that we would just love to help participate in that dialogue to help move that process forward a little faster. but what we really want to do is change the dialogue about how the world thinks about technology. because we really don't think it is understood or appreciated how rapidly the entire landscape is shifting because of tech. i mean, today apple's literally announcing the next iphone. that's cool, but that's just the most obvious example of things that continue to move at astonishing speed, and there's developments literally everywhere you look. and we don't think leaders generally get that. so i'm going to give you a couple of little, quick housekeeping things that we need to know. for one thing, there is an app, te space detroit, so look that up and download it, it has all the program. it'll be in realtime all day, please use the app, detroit labs made it, it's very good. te detroit
Oct 12, 2012 8:00pm EDT
the cities of morocco, the foreign minister travel to washington for our first-ever strategic dialogue. he could have avoided the cameras but instead he strongly condemned the attack and benghazi and embraced a broader partnership with the united states, and pledged that the country would continue working toward democracy and the rule of law. algeria also has much to gain by embracing the changes that are taking place around it, and we have seen some progress. the government held parliamentary elections in may invited international observers to monitor them for the first time and it moved quickly last month. a protected diplomatic commissions including u.s. embassy in to defuse tensions in the streets but still algeria has a lot of work to do to uphold universal rights and create a civil society. a message i delivered at the highest level in person in february. what do these snapshots and stories from across the region tell us? on the one hand, last month's violence revealed strains of extremism that threaten those nations as well as the broader region and even the united states. on the ot
Oct 18, 2012 8:00pm EDT
to be the next 2000 years at least. first of all, i'm we hadn't event a couple days ago, which i think was not recorded here without much attention. a missile was shot from the gaza strip to one of our cities in the south of israel and it had a children's kindergarten, but thankfully it was that night and there were no children there. i mention this because i dismiss so then sent in the day and hunt this missile hit a kindergarten for children and, the number of fatalities have probably been very high and this would've led in my opinion to an immediate change in the situation, not only to israel and the gaza strip, but also the entire region. it would've been a changer, not a money changer, a regional changer. i'm saying this because where there's been in the middle east where are they can have enormous effects on a whole range of issues. and it is often in the hands of individuals to bring this about. this is the situation we are in. i will say, by the way, in this respect but the fact that israel now has one means at its disposal, a system developed over the years in which we are abl
Oct 19, 2012 8:00pm EDT
city, illinois. hi, tom. >> caller: hi, this is to both gentlemen. i watch the republicans and i'm a democrat, but i voted bush one time the first time. so my question is this mr. romney. i understand the president obama is. he's not letting anyone drag us into wars are subtle conflicts, but easily do hope. like libya and other places. he turned it over to the u.n. and the last four americans in libya. but it's liberated. my question with mr. romney is, is he talking about actually going back in iraq? going into syria? getting ready to go to war with iran in the sense of, is he ready to put boots on the ground? is that what you must do different than the president? and if not, what does he want to do besides rattle a saber? i'll take your comments off the air. >> guest: i think it's a fantastic question because romney scamp would like certain people in the neoconservative elements of the republican party to believe that in fact he is ready to pull the trigger and the preemptive strike on iran. the problem is you look at what he actually said any talk to senior advisers, whether d
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6